Once the design and construction plans are available, the entire installation can be executed without depending on any other factor since the tracks and the track switches are static elements.

The materials used for the tracks are standard IPE steel profiles and the track switches are a static steel element. Therefore, building the circuit is a simple process of welding the beams and track switches.

By using steel in standard profiles for the tracks, and designing the track switches according to a standard beam section, costs are minimized without reducing quality.

The fact that the track switch is a static element offers multiple advantages, as it is not necessary to make any adjustments. Furthermore, the initial set up is simplified, since it doesn’t require configuring, programming, or communicating with these elements.

The lack of maintenance required is its main advantage.

The whole system is powered at very low voltage, therefore eliminating electrical risks. In the upper flange of the track, there is an insulated aluminum profile which feeds power to the cart’s carbon brushes. The installation is very easy and the elements used are simple and economical.