The system utilizes one or more Order Management System (such as Gateway), which makes it possible to divide the installation into sectors and, subsequently, the number of carts necessary for each sector. It is important to note that the number of carts is not a fixed amount; the flexibility offered by our system makes it possible to increase or decrease the number of carts with ease.

Gateway will receive the transport orders generated by operators, machines, ERP systems or other automatic devices. Each order is treated as an auction to which only available carts that are suitable for this type of transport will respond. The car with the shortest arrival time to the origin of the transport order will fetch it. The cart will move to the origin, ask for loading permission and once loaded, it will calculate the best route to the destination based on the maximum speed of each section, the sections on which it is allowed to travel, and the maintenance and traffic conditions. It will begin the route without needing the intervention of any other system along the entire route, and will keep recalculating the best route until arriving at the destination.

The carts perform the functions that a central computer manages in traditional systems. Each cart has a SBC (Single Board Computer) which allows them to store the circuit map and to make the decisions to move autonomously.