Singular Logistics

The distribution of materials, the movement of loads, and the transport of goods have always been an important aspect for any industry. We can say that they have become a part of the production process itself.

Large industries have benefitted from the economy of scale in order to allocate substantial amounts of resources to the development of complex intralogistics systems. The automobile industry is a clear example: AGV’s, electrified rails and monorails, conveyors, forklifts, and countless other equipment, all necessary to satisfy the demands of material handling and storage.

The automation of management, storage and transport of materials have contributed to the increase in production. But automation has not yet reached all industrial sectors to the same degree. It is difficult for small and medium-sized companies to access and afford this level of automation.

We have overcome all these issues with our new design centered in 4 main goals: Flexibility, Easy Installation and Operation, Scalability and Low Cost to fit all industry sizes, complexities and investments.

A solution that meets all of your actual and future material handling needs